Why this Database Server Portal?

GeoPITS brings you the comprehensive details of all the features in the Database server versions 2019,2017,2016,2014 & 2012. The most well known differences between different editions are the cap on database size, HADR, encryption etc. There are many other differences though, some of which can be extremely important for some application and architecture requirements. Explore our portal to know more and choose the right one for your business.

How Should I Choose the Correct Database Server Version?

There are several different editions and versions of Microsoft Database Server and this may be a bit confusing for MS Database users. Before making a decision, you need to pick the version of Database Server based on the primary features required. This portal will come in handy to differentiate between the version. After deciding the version, one needs to finalise the edition - Database Server Developers Edition, Database Server Express, Database Server Standard or Database Server Enterprise.

What are the latest/key features in Database Server 2019 ?

Like all the previous versions, the Microsoft Database Server 2019 latest version is also jam-packed with new features and capabilities.

  • Accelerated Database Recovery (ADR) - the Database team has redeveloped how recovery works and has dramatically decreased how long this process takes.
  • AlwaysEncrypted - Database Server can now securely encrypt a portion of memory to perform computations on these encrypted columns without ever exposing the unencrypted values to the rest of the processes (or administrators).
  • Performance improvement changes - There’s a new index optimization for indexes that have a sequential key, temp table recompilation improvements, improved indirect checkpoint scalability and more.
  • Support for replication - Database Server on Linux supports replication from 2019 version and this is a major addition!
  • Optimization in tempDB - the tempdb’s system tables can be moved into memory-optimized tables taking the pressure off the disks. This helps handle heavy workload with ease.
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