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Learn how TVS boosted their Business Critical Reporting Process by 3x!

Database Consulting
Understand how GeoPITS helped one of the leading Indian multinational motorcycle companies boost their DB performance,
consolidate and optimize their SQL Server environments


Our solution

Job card processing time in service centres was very slow

The daily report generation process took a solid 1 hour to complete

The entire system hangs when the reports are being generated

Our solution

Our experts analysed the complete stats collected through our in-house monitoring tool. The team holistically observed all the minute details including the SQL Server instance configurations, Database configuration, queries and procedures to identify any room for improvement.

Based on the report and analysis of the slow running SPs, the database team went ahead to fix the incorrect indexes, CPU bottlenecks, incorrect SQL Server configurations, memory allocation issues.

In addition, the slow running SPs were rewritten by the development team and extensively tested in the UAT and production environment.


  • Improved average query execution by 3X

  • Optimised and rewritten 60+ Stored procedures in a span of 20 days.

  • Business critical reporting process execution brought down to 4 mins from 58 mins.

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